Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery

Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery
A little bit about us.

Coffee Descriptions and Pricing

Coffee Descriptions and Pricing

Who we are......by Kandi

Who we are...... by Kandi

It was my desire to have a coffee roasting business in Ligonier Valley for many years. I discovered a transportable roaster and knew that “now was the time”. My partner, Dave was crazy enough to agree to the idea and “so it began”. Our business was established in June, 2010

We ordered the roaster, made with all U.S.A. parts, from a small company out west, traveling nine days round trip to pick it up. It was quite the adventure--- as I’m sure the business will be too.

Our intention is to offer quality coffee that is fresh roasted. This makes all the difference in taste, as our increasing number of coffee “fans” can attest to. To maintain peak freshness, the beans are roasted after they are ordered.

Since our first event, Back to the Garden Market, “just down the road” from us, we’ve brewed and sold coffee at many festivals and markets. Along with purchasing direct from us….our coffee is sold at various other businesses from Rector to Pittsburgh with more in the works. A list is posted. Other businesses have expressed interest and we are receiving a lot of phone and e-mail orders. The positive response is very encouraging.

We hope that once you try our coffee you’ll taste the difference too and become a valued customer and friend as well!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

While it the “slow season” for us, I decided to take this blog out of retirement. Until now, I was utilizing this as another avenue to basically repeat what I was posting on Facebook etc.

In addition to this, I have decided to use this as a journal of the trials and tribulations of being an “entrepreneur”.  There certainly can be a lot to say at times, good and bad.

My daughter, Hadleigh said, “That is what blogs are for!”, in a way that told me I was a bit behind the times. haha  She suggested that I do a “Pain in the Butt” Fridays posting since owning your own business is just that at times. I think I will take her advice. (I made the font aqua for that title because that is her favorite color & it was her idea to do it after all.)

We shall see how this goes. I will write when there is time and reason to vent or rejoice, whenever I am inspired. I will add any info I think might be of interest. I hope whomever is reading this enjoys it & please feel free to comment……. as long as it is appropriate to this blog.

Hope to see some followers!!! It is lonely here! ;~{

Note: Old Linn Run Roastery is a partnership consisting of Dave & I. Dave is not “computer literate” and does not care to deal with it. (He has the incredible roasting skills, what more could we want?) Thus the reason for almost everything being written using the first person, “I”. I should also mention that we have a great deal of assistance when needed from Hadleigh, my Mom & Dad and even my grandmother, Muffin.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

G Squared Gallery, E. Main St.
Coffee sampling, Ligonier Ice Fest
Saturday, January 26 2013
Thank you very much, H and Pat, for allowing us to invade some of your shop space!!!
Dave had to do this one solo. I worked behind the scenes before but was unable to help him the day of.
He enjoyed meeting all the visitors that stopped in to try our coffee and see all the incredible items that G Squared has to offer. He planned on being there from 11:00 to 2:00 but ended up staying til after 4:00 due to the continuous stream of visitors. It is always fun to meet new people. There were a few of our “regulars” from Ligonier Country Market that stopped in too.  Always a nice surprise!

Friday, January 25, 2013


If you are visiting  Ligonier for the Annual Ice Fest, stop by G Squared Gallery in Ligonier  from 11-2 Saturday! Dave will be there offering free samples of coffee and selling bags of very fresh roasted coffee beans. He will be “flying solo” this time. My voice leaves a lot to be desired and thought I should stay behind the scenes and out of the cold. Dave will be inside the shop.

G Squared Gallery has so many incredible items, you have to see for yourself!

Jansen’s Troop in Afghanistan

Was given the okay to post this photo. This photo was e-mailed to us and others. The card says “Thank you for bringing us a little closer to home!” It made us feel so good to receive this. This goes to those of you that have donated to help us and Jansen’s mother send coffee to them.

One time a few months ago, Jansen only request to his mom, was that she send him some of “that really good coffee you buy” and that is how this started. We sent more along with her order. Next we asked if anyone would like to “Adopt Jansens’ Troop”, Army Special Ops. We have had some generous donors. In fact 5 lb of Sumatra has been picked up today to be sent by his Mom. Shipping is expensive so she prefers to send only 5 lb at a time.

 As you can see, Jansen has a lot of people to share it with.

If you would like to donate, please contact us. Anything will be greatly appreciated! You can donate to help with the coffee or the shipping, whatever you say. We like to add in something ourselves too.
It feels great to know that we are helping an Army Troop in Afghanistan, especially when one of them is from the Ligonier area!!!!  Anything to make their days a little better while they are there “in harm’s way”, for all of us!  E-mail us or call if you care to donate too. oldlinnrunroastery@hotmail.com or  724-238-9102
Cash, check, money order or credit cards

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Had to post this e-mail. 
Sent all of our beans to a client to try. Working on a potential link up with some more stores and restaurants. 

He started with the Rwanda yesterday, french pressing.
He called to say that his grinder was very happy and that the Rwanda was clean, smooth etc….. the cafe/roastery he has frequented for years coffee is now just “good” and ours is “outstanding”. LOL 

Here is the e-mail from day 2:

Kandi & Dave,

Woke this morning and brewed an incredible press of Peruvian. Very different from Rwanda blend and I'm loving it. Both have a definite place in my life! Lol... you're right, it's like wine. Different ones for different days and/or hours of the day.

I'll keep you posted as I progress through the beans!


Monday, January 21, 2013

We have several choices.  All use our Bobolink Brazilian light roasted beans to compliment all types of meat, vegetables and fish.  A little goes a long way. Only need to use a tablespoon or so.

Dave’s Original:  39 herbs and spices- with salt
Dave’s Original without salt
Dave’s Hot and Spicy:  original but with cumin, hot red pepper flakes + (just a little kick)
Kandi’s: Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, cocoa...
Hadleigh’s: Lavender, Sea salt

Wow, 2013!!!! Where did the time go? Abandoned the blog for awhile. Hopefully, there will be someone other than me reading this. LOL

In June, we will be 3 years old! Hard to believe. We have added to the list of businesses carrying our coffee beans from Rector to Pittsburgh. We have more to add to the list for this year too, if all goes well.

There are new products that we have created as well. Dry coffee meat and vegetable rubs + the coffee, sugar body and mocha facial scrubs.

I will post the info here on the blog.

Please look at our facebook page!!! Kandi   (and Dave too)