Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery

Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery
A little bit about us.

Coffee Descriptions and Pricing

Coffee Descriptions and Pricing

Who we are......by Kandi

Who we are...... by Kandi

It was my desire to have a coffee roasting business in Ligonier Valley for many years. I discovered a transportable roaster and knew that “now was the time”. My partner, Dave was crazy enough to agree to the idea and “so it began”. Our business was established in June, 2010

We ordered the roaster, made with all U.S.A. parts, from a small company out west, traveling nine days round trip to pick it up. It was quite the adventure--- as I’m sure the business will be too.

Our intention is to offer quality coffee that is fresh roasted. This makes all the difference in taste, as our increasing number of coffee “fans” can attest to. To maintain peak freshness, the beans are roasted after they are ordered.

Since our first event, Back to the Garden Market, “just down the road” from us, we’ve brewed and sold coffee at many festivals and markets. Along with purchasing direct from us….our coffee is sold at various other businesses from Rector to Pittsburgh with more in the works. A list is posted. Other businesses have expressed interest and we are receiving a lot of phone and e-mail orders. The positive response is very encouraging.

We hope that once you try our coffee you’ll taste the difference too and become a valued customer and friend as well!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rosary Acres closing.

It saddens us to realize that an asset to the area, Rosary Acres is closing. Unfortunately, they were not able to hang in there & realize one of their dreams. They will continue to take orders and our coffee will be on the list. I believe the list is in progress but here is a link to the facebook page.

This sad news has made me reflect.

My thoughts on having a small business…… any, including ours.
Making a small business succeed is VERY difficult. The overhead has to be kept in line & of course you need the customers. Keeping the overhead affordable is a balancing act. How does a business grow and yet be frugal?
Having a “brick and mortar” in a good location costs a LOT of $$$. First there is the building costs, utilities, insurances and, and, and….  Trying to compete with larger businesses as far as pricing is another dilemma. As a small business, especially a new one, you cannot get the great deals on product because you cannot afford the huge, bulk orders to get a better price or move them quickly enough if you could. Of course, you want everything now and your business space to look like Martha Stewart had just left. That can’t happen either. Once again, the overhead costs have to be watched carefully. That’s not to mention employees. If possible I think it’s best to stay away from hiring as long as possible. That is another drain on the profits plus the B.S. of Workmen’s Comp, S.S., W-2’s + more time & $$ expended/employee.

Personally, I have not had a paycheck in…. I don’t know when. I’ve always been self employed in some for or other and getting those 1099’s. No unemployment wages, no insurance, no nothing including no great verification of income when it comes time to go to a bank either.

 No, having your own business does not mean “making the big bucks” as so many seem to think. It means little or no income and instead of one boss, everyone is your boss. You are solely dependent on anyone and everyone you deal with from clients to suppliers affecting your income.

However, as great as a challenge it is, it can be rewarding. It’s great to see the business grow,  knowing your efforts were worth it. You have to be able to problem solve on a daily basis (some days more than others), numbers crunch, and the fun stuff: create and meet lots of interesting and very nice people (& bite your tongue once in awhile), realize that not everyone is in as big of a hurry as you are, and when necessary re-invent yourselves and a really difficult thing... you can’t take things personally, because it is business.

Been a long time!!

See the last time I was  on here, we were gearing up for the Ligonier Country Market season. That was in May!!! Guess life got way too busy. I forgot all about this blog. Hopefully I will be better now that things have slowed down a bit.
Hope we have some people interested enough to read these.