Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery

Old Linn Run Coffee Bean Roastery
A little bit about us.

Coffee Descriptions and Pricing

Coffee Descriptions and Pricing

Who we are......by Kandi

Who we are...... by Kandi

It was my desire to have a coffee roasting business in Ligonier Valley for many years. I discovered a transportable roaster and knew that “now was the time”. My partner, Dave was crazy enough to agree to the idea and “so it began”. Our business was established in June, 2010

We ordered the roaster, made with all U.S.A. parts, from a small company out west, traveling nine days round trip to pick it up. It was quite the adventure--- as I’m sure the business will be too.

Our intention is to offer quality coffee that is fresh roasted. This makes all the difference in taste, as our increasing number of coffee “fans” can attest to. To maintain peak freshness, the beans are roasted after they are ordered.

Since our first event, Back to the Garden Market, “just down the road” from us, we’ve brewed and sold coffee at many festivals and markets. Along with purchasing direct from us….our coffee is sold at various other businesses from Rector to Pittsburgh with more in the works. A list is posted. Other businesses have expressed interest and we are receiving a lot of phone and e-mail orders. The positive response is very encouraging.

We hope that once you try our coffee you’ll taste the difference too and become a valued customer and friend as well!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coffee is good for you!!

Info graciously supplied to us from Granny Earth

Effect of Coffee on Alzheimer’s-
Coffee drinking protects against Alzheimer’s.
A recent Alzheimer’s study (U. of South Florida) found that an unidentified component of coffee interacts with caffeine to boost blood levels of a growth factor called GCSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor) that seems to fight off Alzheimer’s process (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease).
GCSF is a substance that’s greatly diminished in patients w/Alzheimer’s- and demonstrated to improve memory in Alzheimer’s studies.
The USF team presents the first evidence that caffeinated coffee offers protection against this disease- protection that doesn’t occur with other caffeinated drinks or decaffeinated coffee. Hurray for coffee!

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